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How to literally fake it till you make it- Tips for when you’re at your most exhausted 

Jet lag, late night out, sick child, stress or insomnia. There are some nights where you eventually realise that a good nights rest is out of the question.

It happens to the best of us & that’s okay, unless of course you need to be up for a big presentation for one of your classes or a really important meeting or if you’re expecting company. If that’s the case then those puffy eyes, dark circles and that dreaded dull skin skin is a DEFINITE NO. Here are a few tricks into brighten up your look and feeling more confident to face your day:

Your first step is to hydrate. So get yourself a drink. And by a drink I mean a huge glass of water or 3 or 5. Your skin needs it!

Next, apply a good sum of moistuirizer all over your face and neck. Give it a minute or two to let your skin absorb all the goodness.

It’s time to cover up those dark circles. The antidote to this dilemma is to start with a colour correcting concealer (pale pink for fair toned skin, dark pink for medium toned skin, orange for dark toned skin). Apply in the shape of a triangle, this shape will lift up your face. You then take your usual concealer (usually two tones lighter than your foundation shade) and gently dab it on top of the colour correcting concealer. 

One thing you need to stay away from is a heavy foundation. Your skin is tired, chances are if you apply heavy foundation it’s going to react negatively, maybe even give you a patchy finish. Stick to your light weight foundation or better yet, BB cream for an even tone.

I feel like the most confident woman in the room when my brows are done. Create a slight arch. When your brows are arched, your eyes look lifted – gentle strokes should work to create this feature. Just remember not to over fill your brows, we don’t want them looking like caterpillars.

Time for my favorite part, mascara. Apply mascara to both your top and bottom lashes. I’m always amazed at how my eyes pop open after applying mascara. You’re basically faking the bright eyed and bushy tailed look!

To avoid looking like a pale twilight character, lightly add some blush on to the apple of your cheeks. 

The colour of your lipstick is completely up to you. Some prefer a bright colour to take all attention away from their eyes. I on the other hand prefer a neutral lipshade with a hint of a brown or pink undertone. 

Lastly, I like to spray my face with a mist that usually contains rose water. I keep this bottle with me to spray on whenever I feel like my skin needs a boost. 

I hope these tips & tricks help!

All the love,

Areeba x


It will be okay.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been drowning myself with work, making sure I’m busy all day so by the time I get into bed at night I can basically fall asleep while watching something (I don’t know about you but I need to know the ending before I fall asleep!) 

I’ve been doing all that to stop myself  from overthinking. A couple of weeks back something happened to me that I thought never would – my first instinct was to carry on like nothing was wrong. Actually, even better than normal just so I wouldn’t have to unbottle everything I’m feeling to the people around me.

Everyone in my family & all my friends know I’m dramatic, emotional and a total cry baby, but I cry for silly things that everyone around me laughs at and I end up laughing too because of how dramatic I can be. So when these real tears starting forming I just felt like I had to put up a front and be strong ALL. THE. TIME. 

It gets tiring.

When I decided to join my friends for a hike up Constantia Nek, I was all for it. I’ve always enjoyed hikes, I’d been up once before and the view is so breathtaking that it was definitely worth going again – we took a different route up so it felt like an all new experience! I knew it would make me so tired that when I got home I’d flop on to my bed and doze off instantly.

You guys, this hike helped me so much. When I got up there and looked down at the most beautiful city in the world all my problems seemed so small. I realized that it’s okay to fall apart sometimes and feel all the emotions you’re feeling, the good and the bad. 

I know it’s not going to be easy any time soon. It gets worse before it gets better. But it does get better eventually (or so I’ve heard, fingers crossed!).

 I hope these photos from my hike makes up for this morbid sounding post, they don’t do justice to the beauty so I highly recommend all of you to try this trail yourself! 

All the love,


BeautyFix Makeup Spray Review


Today I thought I’d share my latest obsession, The BeautyFix Makeup Spray! This product is locally produced and cruelty free (yayyy!) it contains Rose water, Cucumber extract and Aloe Vera extract. 

This super fine mist acts as a primer, blends makeup, you can use it once you’re done applying your makeup and spritz it throughout the day to keep your makeup looking fresh!

Although this product is quite fast-drying, I would recommend that you hold the bottle far from your face so the nozzle doesn’t spray too much. 

I absolutely love how this product leaves my skin with a healthy glow and a radiant makeup finish!

Guys, I received so many compliments for my makeup after I used this mist, this product is a must for every person who loves a good dewy, glowy finish. 

P.s. For those of you with oily skin wondering if it’s suitable for you? Definitely, the fast-drying formula doesn’t leave your skin oily, but like I said before, it has a glowy finish. (Go and order yours now, you can thank me later ;))

I hope you’re all relaxing on this beautiful Sunday and preparing for the rainy week ahead (if you know me, you can probably tell how excited I am with this weather forecast!).

All the love,


The Body Shop Mascara

I hope you’ve all been well! I’ve been a little AWOL lately, but I’m finally back on track and I have a few exciting ideas up my sleeve! 

I don’t know about you guys but I’m absolutely obsessed with The Body Shop. I find myself wanting to spend all my money and go into debt everytime I walk in (cries). TODAY, I’m going to be reviewing my current favourite mascaras from The Body Shop: 

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara:

I bought this mascara a couple of months back when I was hunting for a non clump mascara and was thrilled when I tried this one! Not only does this mascara prevent clumping, it’s also suitable for contact lense wearers, being a total blind bat with my visual aids you can only imagine my excitement at this.

This mascara applies smoothly on the lashes with no clumps and just one coat is enough for a fresh and natural look with a glossy finish. It also made my lashes look longer and made me look more awake. The bristles gripped really well and confortably on my lashes.
The Body Shop Big and Curvy Mascara:

This TBS mascara is also suitable for contact lense wearers (can I get a hell YES!). This mascara is not waterproof, but guys this mascara seriously doesn’t budge! It’s quick and easy to take off after a long day, perfect for us lazy girls.

The wand helps you coat every lash with one swipe and the tapered ends makes it easy to get right into the corners. It doesn’t smudge or flake once applied. I would recommend that you give it some time before you apply multiple coats although it does dry within a few seconds.

Go out and try them for yourself and let me know how you find it! 

Happy lashes xx


Quick review & GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone! 

First of all, how beautiful is this weather? I am so obsessed with winter & find fasting so much easier in the cold compared to hot, dry weather. 

Secondly, thank you SO much for 3000+ followers on Instagram! You’re all so amazing and your love & support means the world.

In this post I’ll be doing a short review on a few of my favorite Swiitchbeauty products.

At the end of this post (after the review) is a Giveaway (yayyyyy!!) – how you can enter, what you could win, etc – just a little something to show my appreciation.

The SwiitchBeauty Contour Comet:

This cute little comet fits comfortably on your finger and has a pointed tip which allows for great grip while usuage. It’s perfect to use with your liquid or cream foundation (I used the Kryolan Cream Foundation). 

The great thing is that the contour comet does not absorb any of the product, which means no more wasting! 

Super easy blending – HELLO!

The SwiitchBeauty Express Brush Cleansing Glove:

Guys, all makeup artists and avid makeup users know that washing brushes is literally the bane of your existance. It takes forever and who wants to get their hands wet in this freezing weather? 

Well, no more of that! This SwiitchBeauty glove has so many perks – my favourite one? The fact that the thumb area of the glove can be used to squeeze the water of your brushes.

I love that my hands don’t have to get wet when I clean my brushes anymore. The texture in this glove is perfect to get all sorts of dirt out of your brushes. If you follow me on snapchat (@areebabaker) you’ve probably seen how quickly and effortlessly I clean my brushes with this bad boy.
The SwiitchBeauty Flicks On Fleek Stencil:

You know when people say if you’re in a rush, completely AVOID doing your eyeliner because it can literally smell your fear? (It’s SO true!) 

Well, I no longer have that problem thanks to to this stencil. It’s super easy to use and ensures that your eye make up looks perfect and on point every single time! 

It comes with an eyeliner and a smokey eye makeup stencil, both are flexible and created to fit any eye shape and eye size.

The Tiny Under-Eye Pod:

Yes, yes, yes! This is the answer to having your concealer perfectly blended out. 

This tiny pod is extremely soft and made from SwiitchBeauty’s exclusive foam, ensuring no irritant under your eye (usually close to the bottom waterline) when blending in your concealer. 


You have a chance to win:

  • X2 AreebaArtistry scarves (colours of your choice!)
  • Double sided makeup mirror
  • SwiitchBeauty Express brush cleansing glove 
  • SwiitchBeauty Flicks on fleek stencil
  • SwiitchBeauty Tiny under-eye pod
  • X2 Lindt chocolate bunnies

All you have to do to enter is:

  •  Follow me on Instagaram (areebaartistry)
  • Like the giveaway post.
  • Tag three friends in the comment section below the giveaway post.

For additional enteries: 

  • Repost the image and tag me in it.
  • Comment on this blog post why you want to win this giveaway! 

It’s as simple as that.

Competition closes Saturday, 25th of June, 11:59pm. 

Winner will be announced on Sundaythe 26th of June. 


All the love


DIY Lipscrub

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all been well and enjoying this beautiful weather!

I’ve had so many requests on how to create your own lipscrub, so I thought it was about time. 

This scrub removes flaking skin off your lips, removes makeup and leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated.

It’s very simple with only three ingredients:

  • 1 part brown sugar (acts as an exfoliater)
  • 1 part coconut oil (provides moistuire & nourishment)
  • 1 part honey (helps the mixture stick together, provides moistuire & nourishment)


  1. Throw in one part sugar 
  2. Add the coconut oil. 
  3. Add honey to the mixture, this will allow the mixture to stick together. 

How to use the scrub:

  1. Apply a small amount to the lips
  2. Rub the scrub on to your lips, don’t rub too vigorously to avoid hurting your lips.
  3. If you have the time, let the mixture sit on your lips for a minute or two, to allow it to absorb as much moistuire as possible.
  4. Wipe off with a damp cloth

You could end off there, or you could apply a little lip balm or even some plain coconut oil onto your lips to protect and keep them soft & hydrated throughout the day.

Store the excess in a container. Have a good week & keep warm!

All the love


Mother Nature

“I love the day-to-day unpredictability of nature, the fact that we still have so little control over it, the ability it has to spellbind me with its beauty and remind me that I am very small.”

I came across this a while back and kept it with me because its exactly how I feel about nature and today I decided to share it with you. 

When I’m feeling upset, need to clear my head or looking for inspiration, I always find myself being drawn to a secluded place surrounded by only birds and trees and fresh air. I’m suddenly at ease and a feeling of content takes over me. 

Everyone needs some alone me time sometimes, especially to gain some perspective and to engage in some self reflection. This is especially true now as the month of Ramadaan is upon us. Don’t feel that you need to be tucked away at home only leaving your house for mosque as a way of getting closer to your Creator. Gain spiritual upliftment in every single way possible. Go watch some sunsets, stay awake after fajr to watch the sunrise or just sit near the ocean as you take in the absolute greatness of the One who has created both you and I. 

I hope all of my Muslim readers are having a blessed Ramadaan.

All the love
Areeba x

                             Outfit Details:

  • Scarf: AreebaArtistry
  • Top: Cotton On
  • Jacket: Coppelia
  • Jeans: Forever 21
  • Shades: Armani

The Inevitable 

It is impossible for me to walk into Clicks or Dischem and not stroll through the beauty aisle and casually sneak a few products into my shopping basket (but who doesn’t though?). 

So I decided to share my thoughts and review my favourite product from my last makeup haul!

The Yardely StayFast Lipstick in the shade, Sienna.

So I have been searching for a rich brown lipstick shade for a while now and I’m so glad I found Sienna because it is EXACTLY the brown shade I’ve been looking for

This lipstick applies smoothly on to the lips with a light matte finish. It doesn’t leave the lips feeling cracked or flakey. 

These long lasting and well pigmented babies are only R109.95! 

I will be posting a look on Instagram soon with this lipstick (@areebaartistry)

All the love 

Areeba x

Flormar Review

Hi guys! 

I was invited to Flormar’s head office to try out some of their products & share my honest opinion with all of you. 

But first, here’s a little background on the brand – Flormar is originally an Italian brand, but their products are produced in Turkey. They have been around in the beauty market for four decades & have over 300 stores worldwide! 

Here are my thoughts on some of the products I tried: 

1. Double Radiance Primer/Highlighter

2. Perfect Coverage Foundation

3. Liquid Concealer 

The Double Radiance Primer/Highlighter formula is a very liquidly and feels buttery to the touch. Its main purpose is said to soften and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in a perfect and flawless complexion. I used it as a primer and it resulted in a flawless finish. 

This Perfect Coverage Foundation is a rich creamy foundation with full coverage. It is very moisturizing and lasts all day. It doesn’t settle in the lines which prevents creasing and that helps to create a flawless finish. I just had a terrible breakout so I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing coverage.

If you are looking for an everyday concealer then the Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer, this creamy yet thin concealer creates a smooth & natural finishing. 

GOODBYE cakey concealers.

4. Dipliner 

5. Rotating Mascara

This Dipliner is very rich in color and very easy to use. It stays on for hours (no, it won’t sweat off!) and it’s really pigmented. 

Guys, this was my time trying out a mascara that rotates either way with a touch of a button. Yes, it moves! This Rotating Mascara is easy to use, so if you’re a mascara smudger then you will love this. It provides amazing volume and doesn’t flake. 

6. Matte & Terracotta Mono Eyeshadow:

These shadows are butter smooth which makes it a breeze to blend. The rich pigmentation was a delight. 

7. Lip liners 

8. Lipsticks

This is perfect to line the lips. I’m always looking for Lipliners that are moist enough to apply all over the lip without having to apply lipstick over it and this does the job.  

I tried out three different shades of Flormar lipsticks from three different collections. 

The Longwearing lipstick had a moisturizing and creamy texture and covered the lips perfectly. I tried the L02 Dark Burgundy shade and found it to be the perfect shade.

The Matte Finish lipstick has a velvety structure and finishes off with a full lip. I used the shade 205. Also nicknamed ‘Greyage’ with the help of the 102 lip pencil. 

The Velvet Shine Lipstick has a shiny, creamy texture leaving it moisturized. I love all shades of brown so the colour ‘latte lip’ 524 was an amazing brown nude. 
I was impressed by the amazing quality with only having to pay a fraction of the price I would usually end up paying at high end makeup stores. I would definitely recommend you all to stop at the Flormar counters inside Kenilworth centre to try out some of the amazing products they have to offer (you can order online at Takealot too :D).

All the love

Areeba x

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