Hi guys! 

Most of you know this about me; I don’t like summer very much. 

I mean sure, the sunsets are absolutely breathtaking in the Cape and those lazy summer nights on the beach make up for anyone who has had the most exhausting week. 

But let’s admit it, nothing beats dramatically staring out the car window while it’s raining and the radio is playing your favourite sad music, movie moment HELLO. Everything is better in winter, especially the fashion. 

I used to struggle a lot trying to dress modestly under the African sun, but I’ve finally found my go to style this summer – especially when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to double check if my bum is covered! 

I’m pretty grateful that wearing a hijab (covering my hair) is mostly never the reason that I feel the heat. 

Below you will notice a trend in my style. A skinny jeans, usually a simple top (I will wear a bit more of a glam top depending on where I need to be) and the most noticeable garment; a long thin and airy kimono / open abaya. 

Hope you enjoy the images!

All the love,