I hope all of you has a pleasant and safe festive season. I’ve had an incredibly busy one filled with love & joy, but I’m glad to be back. I have so many exciting things happening this year and I wish I could tell you all about it, but everything will start unfolding in due time. 

Let’s continue with my thoughts on Jiah – 100% halaal upmarket restaurant situated in the heart of Cape Town

Jiah is generally raved about on social media being one of the very few 100% halaal upmarket restaurants in this city, so when my friends invited me out one evening to try it out I immediately said yes. 

Bookings were made, though they did mention that each booking gets you a two hour slot, which seemed reasonable because that is generally the time one would spend in a restaurant. 

Once we were seated and paging through the menu we were informed that certain items on the menu were not available, a bit disappointed because bookings are essential at Jiah, so they should know the amount of customer flow to expect hence, knowing how much stock of each ingredient they should have. Anyways, we finally decided to order and much to our disappointment, more items were out of stock. 

A little bit annoyed, but we decided to order the alternate and patiently started waiting for our food. 

Food arrived at different times, meaning one person would have to start eating before the other, at this point I wasn’t sure if they were just having a bad day or their service is generally this bad. Getting a waitrons attention is close to impossible – extremely slow service. 

My food finally arrived and almost instantly I started smiling, the food was presented amazingly and everything looked delicious. I ordered the Chicken Supreme. It was delicious, the portion seemed reasonable and it was cooked well & tasted lovely. 

I personally feel that Jiah needs to work on their customer service, my friend received their water in a cracked glass with a chip on the edge, they also need to move where they make the drinks, the sound of that blender interrupting your conversation is not fun. Also, the two hour slot is not enough if your service is going to be this slow.

The food was really good, I tried my friends pasta, if I ever had to go back I would definitely be ordering that. Although I didn’t manage to sneak a taste from my friends steak, it was apparently also really amazing. 

Jiah has a lot of potential, I’m really hoping they improve their customer service if they plan on staying an upmarket restaurant in Cape Town.

All the love,